Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alphabet Alley

Don't you love when someone comes up with new improvements on old ideas that turn good products into great products?! Alphabet Alley does just that with their versions of some familiar kids' toys and games.

Noah's Ark Go Fish Card Game: You'll find Noah, the ark, and oh-so-cute (and I do mean CUTE!) animals on these laminated (so they wipe clean and have some durability!) cards. Rules are the same as the game you know and love, though you could play to match sets of numbers, colors, or animals to switch things up a bit. These cards are nice and big...much larger than regular playing cards.This would be excellent for preschool kids (no reading is required to play) through early readers as a party favor, stocking stuffer, gift topper, or travel game! Pick up a set for only $5.99.

Two By Two Matching Game: Watch out...Noah, the ark, and his crew of cute animals are back. Matching games are great for testing and improving memory, and this game is perfect with its 2" x 2", nicely laminated, VERY thick tiles...much heftier than the sets you'll normally find.This set of 24 tiles (12 matching pairs) would be great for 3 and up and no reading is required to play. Purchase a set for a special wee one for $10.99.

My final verdict: I recommend both of these products. They are very well done for what they are--durable, fun, classic toys for kids. You need to see what other great looking products Alphabet Alley offers. They've got different versions of both Go Fish and the Matching Game as well as magnetic play sets, stacking blocks, wooden toys, puzzles, and stickers!


_ said...

how awesome!

Shanna said...

Good review! I was so surprised at how thick those tiles are. You really have to hold them and feel them to appreciate it.