Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amusing Mathematics

The November module of The Schoolhouse Planner features Amusing Mathematics. It's a 48-page e-book with a nice mix of mathematical subjects ranging from tanagrams, pattern blocks, and coloring pages for the preK and Kindergarten groups to Sudoku, multiplication tables 1-12, and time telling practice for an older bunch. For chuckles, the module begins with instructions on how to mathematically "guess" what your friends are thinking, their phone numbers, and even birthdays! And once you've amazed them with those cool tricks you can make them laugh with sum math jokes (ha, ha...get it, sum math jokes?!). Ok, that was terrible. The ones included with the module are much better, I promise, and you'll also get some neat mind bender riddles to really get the kids thinking. There are even a couple hearty recipes included (one beef crockpot and one chicken with spaghetti) to practice with fractions and measuring. My absolute favorite part of the entire module is the 14-page copywork section! It consists of neat, sweet, and useful rhymes and poetry to help kids (and an adult or two!) remember odd, even, and prime numbers, American coinage, the number of days in each month, days of the week, liquid measure, telling time, and finally how to the write numbers 0-9. Some of the rhymes are familiar, but not all, and I've never seen them put together in a collection like this. It makes for an awesome set of copywork! This section, alone, makes it very worth the $7.95! Check it out!

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